The Diyarbakır leg of the Archaeology Reporting Workshop for Journalists organized in cooperation with Southeastern Anatolia Journalists' Association took place on August 3.

The workshop drew a large number of journalists from print and visual media outlets across the region.

After the first session focusing on correct perspectives on archaeological news coverage and writing style, the Chair of Çayönü Excavations, Assoc. Prof. Aslı Erim Özdoğan delivered a lecture on Çayönü's place in history.

During the event, the journalists were taken on a tour of the Diyarbakır Museum, followed by a visit to Zerzevan Castle, which has gained popularity after recent excavations.

Chief of Excavations at Zerzevan Castle, Assoc. Prof. Aytaç Coşkun provided information on the site, and the event came to a close.

Here are some photos from the all-day event:

Photos: Caner Şenyuva