Public Opinion on Archaeological Assets of Turkey


What comes to your mind when you hear the word "archaeology"? Who owns the objects that come out of archaeological excavations? What would you do if you found a pot full of coins? This talk will present the results of a recently conducted nation-wide survey on the public perception of archaeology in Turkey. 

Undertaken as part of the BIAA’s new heritage project “Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT)”, the survey, a first in Turkey, attempts to establish a link between professionals working on cultural heritage, and the general public. 

“We asked 3.601 people” will be an interactive talk offering innovative ways to open the floor to discussion with direct input from the audience. 


A BIAA LECTURE by Işılay Gürsu 
(BIAA Cultural Heritage Management Fellow and SARAT Cultural Heritage Management Researcher) 

“We asked 3.601 people”

Public Opinion on Archaeological Assets of Turkey

17 October 2018 19:00 to 21:00 | Ankara

The British Institute at Ankara, Wolfson Foundation Conference Room, Atatürk Bulvarı 154, 1st floor, 0669


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Işılay Gürsu


Işılay Gürsu holds a PhD in the Management and Development of Cultural Heritage programme from the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy. She joined the BIAA in 2013 as the cultural heritage management post-doctoral fellow. 

She was the co-investigator of the research project titled: "Living Amid the Ruins: Archaeological Sites as Hubs of Sustainable Development in Southwest Turkey" funded by the British Academy’s Sustainable Development Programme. She is currently working as a researcher in the SARAT project, led by the BIAA.